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You Need A Reputation Management Plan!

Building An Online Reputation Management Plan with the Reputation Superstar Software Is Easy!

It really doesn't matter what type of business you have, your online reputation can make or break you. Still, many business owners have no real plan for managing their online reputation. Does your business have a plan? You can either continue to ignore what is being said on a host of online communities and lose potential customers you never knew about or build and execute an online reputation management plan. The good news is it is much easier than you think. Here are three simple steps for staying ahead of the conversation.

Monitoring the web keeps you aware of what is being said about your company online and where people are leaving and gathering information. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other sites are real time measuring sticks for how the public perceives your business. Review sites like Yahoo Local, Angie’s List, and Yelp are also popular sounding boards for customers. Reputation Superstar tracks these sites and provides informative reports on positive and negative reviews and comments.

Get Involved
Once you’ve gained some insights on how your company is perceived online, entering the conversation can be a good way to either build customer loyalty, win back a disgruntled customer, or engage in damage control. Sometimes there is nothing you can do to make the situation right in a customer’s eyes. However, showing that your company is aware of a problem and is working to correct it is often enough to build support among an online community.

Widen Your Online Reach
When comments are made on review sites you don’t control, you can only rebut them. Creating your own online community allows customers to make comments directly to you and allows you to control much of the conversation. Blogs, Facebook fan pages, other social media sites and forums allow you to influence the online conversation about your business in a positive way. Being involved and engaged is often enough to prevent negative comments from being aired publicly. When a few bad reviews do come along, you will already be prepared to deal with them.

If you’re not controlling the message about your company, you are probably allowing someone else to. Follow this simple online reputation strategy to stay ahead of a potential online disaster. 


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